Is it just me or does everything constitute a scandal these days? Sarah Palin’s Cal St. Stanislaus speech coming up in June is drawing attention, not for what she might say, but for what she apparently requested beforehand. Two political science students rifled through the trash and found what appeared to be the Sarah Palin Cal St. Stanislaus contract which requested bendable straws, a lear jet, bottled water, and an undisclosed speaking fee. Palin has been commanding $100,000 dollars per event.

Sarah Palin Kuwait Crop2

The two students, trying to be the next Woodward and Bernstein, dutifully turned the document over to a San Francisco democrat who is running with it. State Senator Leland Yee is demanding that a full inquiry take place to find out exactly what the former Governor and Vice-Presidential nominee demanded in the Cal St. Stanislaus contract.

Yee had requested details of the contract from the University to no avail. The two students witnessed documents being thrown in the trash and fished them out turning them over to Yee who now thinks he has a smoking gun of sorts.

Sarah Palin’s Cal St. Stanislaus contract is not much different from any other that is honored every day. Many former politicians and diplomats are paid exorbitant amounts for speeches. They also command perks such as Sarah Palin’s bendable straws, bottled water, and Lear jets. But this is different. This is Sarah Palin. She’s too stupid to be paid $100,000 dollars to pontificate on the state of our country, especially to a group of University students.

California State Attorney General Jerry Brown says that an investigation into the schools finances and the alleged dumping of documents into University dumpsters will soon be underway. More California tax dollars in action.

Cal St. Stanislaus denies that anyone was instructed to destroy documents; Sarah Palin’s speaking fee has not been disclosed. Senator Yee denies that he is targeting Sarah Palin, Cal St. Stanislaus contract because of her political leanings. Isn’t it funny how every time the left tries to smear someone it involves a trash can ala Joe the Plumber?