Those pesky doctors. They are always chopping off perfectly healthy appendages, removing uninfected tonsils, not embracing a complete government takeover of their industry, and then doctors confront Barney Frank on a plane and expect the Congressman to answer for his vote.

Of all the gall.

He was flying back to Boston from LA yesterday when two ophthalmologists, both no doubt guilty of forcing prescription glasses on people who don’t need them like Obama explained doctors do so they can make more money, walked on board to see Barney Frank, a Congressman known for his calm and charitable nature, sitting in the plane.

Frank had just received an award from Greenlining Institute, an economic development group for minorities who apparently greatly appreciated Frank’s major role in the sub-prime lending practices of Fannie May and Freddie Mac which caused the mortgage crisis. Then he appeared on the Jay Leno Show.

Good times, good times.

When the doctors walked onto the plane, they noticed Frank and had a few words to say about the health care insurance reform bill, calling it an “Obamanation.” It’s unclear what they said, no one is really reporting it. However, a woman on board said an argument ensued between the doctors and Frank’s partner, Jim Ready, who is apparently as docile and classy as Frank.

“They wanted to talk to me, but I apologized and said I like to read and watch on planes,” Frank told us today. “They began to talk louder and that’s when Jimmy (Ready) said, ‘If you’re trying to be bitchy, you’re doing a good job.”

It’s unknown if Frank enjoys reading 3,000-page legislation on planes or anywhere else.

A woman on the plane said the women were crying and shouting, though, still, no actual reporting of what they said has been done, nor have the doctors been contacted.

Frank’s partner Ready, in the meantime, had gotten into the discussion and had also decided to address another passenger by calling him, “Santa Claus,” an obvious reference to the passenger’s rosy cheeks and selfless nature.

After the doctors confronted Barney Frank, the discussion eventually ended and the flight continued per usual.

Since we couldn’t be there to see Barney Frank’s calmness and grace in action, here’s a video clip to illustrate his suffering nature.