This just in from the no sh*# Sherlock department, Harry Reid is backing away from the Democrats plan to add millions of new constituents pass compressive immigration reform.

Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) backed away from a major push on immigration reform, conceding that the issue may be too volatile for an election year agenda already packed with ambitious legislative plans…

“We have a lot of work to do,” Reid said. “We won’t get to immigration reform this work period. We won’t get to the Supreme Court justice this weekend. We have lots of things to do and I’ve spent most of the caucus today [discussing with my members] the things we have to do and how we’re going to do them.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham, the leading Republican negotiator over immigration reform, also said emphatically Tuesday that Congress won’t be able to pass a comprehensive bill this year.

“Immigration is going nowhere this year,” the South Carolina Republican said Tuesday.

Yeah, they have a lot to do alright. They still have to find out exactly what was in the Healthcare bill, they have to lie to their constituents about how much it will cost and how awesome it is. I’m guessing the mythological Blue Dogs don’t want to touch this issue with a ten-foot pole. Their reelection odds are already dwindling, pass something as unpopular as immigration reform and we could indeed see a veto-proof House and control of the Senate for Republicans.

I also find it deliciously ironic that this will probably end up hurting Reid the most. There is virtually no chance that Reid is going to win reelection any way, but pissing off the huge Latino minority in Nevada by not even addressing the issue isn’t going to help is cause much. If the Latinos stay home this fall the GOP candidate can pretty much start planning their victory party right now (Reid now polls just 39% of Nevadans and both GOP contenders are over 50%)

Reid claims to have 56 senators on board for immigration reform. If that’s really the case why not put it up for a vote? What could possibly go wrong?