If Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, tax season is it’s antithesis. If Christmas is a time for peace to all men, tax season sucks it all back out again.

With two days left to figure your yearly tax burden then file your taxes or file a tax extension form, the reality of how much the government takes, not simply demands, is at it’s most tangible. In that vein, Fox has launched a taxpayer calculator to show individual Americans how much of their hard-earned personal income has been taken and spent on Obama’s stimulus package that didn’t stimulate.

Simply input your yearly income. Then the calculator does the rest, a stark and frustrating reality of government’s waste that has the overwhelming majority in the corresponding poll not approving of the President’s spending of their tax dollars in the stimulus bill:

Yes 5% (6,871 votes)
No 93% (126,325 votes)
Not sure 2% (2,463 votes)

The stimulus package, otherwise known as the wordy and oxymoronic name of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, was signed by Obama in February 2009 and estimated by the CBO to cost $787 billion.

Like government programs are wont to do, the number wasn’t accurate but quite low. CBO readjusted their numbers in 2010 to note the Recovery Act would cost $75 billion more than originally estimated.

In February 2010, Republicans marked the one-year anniversary of the Recovery Act by pointing out the still vacant evidence of economic stimulation.

“Today’s anniversary of the Democrats’ trillion-dollar ‘stimulus’ marks one year of broken promises, bloated government, and wasteful spending,” House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) said in a statement. “Americans are asking ‘where are the jobs’ but all they are getting from Democrats who control Washington is more spending and more debt piled on the backs of our kids and grandkids.”

On Sunday, more news of the Obama’s stimulus failure came in the bi-partisan halt of his jobs bill, another deficit increasing stimulus bill since the first one didn’t work. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But, apparently, you can give it a different name.

Democrats have no money to pay for the program. That’s because both Republicans and the Democratic chairman of the Senate Budget Committee objected to taking money left over from the fund that bailed out banks, automakers and insurers and using it for the jobs bill.

Such a move, they insisted, would add tens of billions of dollars to the $12.8 trillion national debt.

The bill would spend more than $80 billion on building roads and schools and helping teachers keep their jobs. Doesn’t that sound familiar?

What’s going ahead instead are small-bore initiatives. That includes modest help for small business or simple extensions of parts from last year’s economic stimulus measure. None is expected to make an appreciable dent in an unemployment rate, stubbornly stuck at 9.7 percent, which is more that double what it was three years ago.

To find out how much of your money was spent for Obama’s 2009 stimulus package as you file your taxes or file tax extension forms, you can access the taxpayer calculator at FoxNews.com/yourmoney.