Forbes Magazine features Glenn Beck on its cover this month. The story is Glenn Beck $32 million in 2009 the magazine is featuring. Apparently, he earned $32 million in the fiscal year ending on March 1, 2010. Forbes calls it the Glenn Beck Money Machine. Read more about it below, see his picture and enjoy a video below.

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Glenn Beck $32 million in 2009

It seems that Glenn Beck has gotten everybody’s attention since he moved his show to Fox News. Everyone seems to have an opinion about the opinionated radio and TV star. He’s passionate, controversial and most of all influential. People either love him or hate him. It doesn’t seem to matter much to him. His hyperactive, flame-throwing persona is makes an impression not to mention, it makes a lot of money.

According to Forbes Magazine, Beck earned $32 million last year. The article breaks down how he made the money. He earned $13 million from sales of his books and his magazine Fusion. The Glenn Beck Program, his nationally syndicated three-hour radio show, brings in $10 million a year. His digital newsletter and ads for bring in another $4 million. He gets $3 million from speaking fees and events like his ‘Bold Fresh Tour with Bill O’Reilly. Then you add to that $2 million from his Fox TV show and you have a whopping $32 million in revenue for the fiscal year ending March 1.

Beck claims to not be at all interested in the political process. On the other hand, controversy brings its own monetary rewards for Beck. As Forbes says, ‘Brand it like Beck’.

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So what are your thoughts about the Glenn Beck, $32 million in 2009. ‘Brand it like Beck’ or too much histrionics? Also, what do you think of Greta’s video below?

Below is a must see video. Greta Perry discusses the infamous Representative Hank Johnson theory on tipping over the Island of Guam with too many Marines. Yes, I know it happened a couple of weeks ago, but you might need a good laugh today.

Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore, creative commons