Let’s see. When I was 13 the most exciting thing I was doing was playing organized baseball and just coming out of my G.I. Joe action figure phase. Jordan Romero, 13 years old attempts Mt. Everest climb starting Sunday; I think he has me beat.

Romero isn’t a fly by nighter; he’s already climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. McKinley. Something tells me he’s more than ready for the challenge. Mt. Everest is the tallest mountain in the world at 29, 035 feet tall. If the 13 year old climber is successful he’ll be the youngest to ever reach the summit.

Jordan Romero seems to take it all in stride. He says climbing Everest is “just a goal,” he says, “If I don’t make it, I’ll try again.” Heck, for me getting my oil changed every 5,000 miles is a just a goal. The 13 year old Mt. Everest climber would beat the previous record holder by 3 years.

Jordan says that his friends are more pumped about him climbing Mt. Everest than his other climbs simply because it’s one of the few mountains that they actually know about. He needs new friends.

After 13 year old Jordan Romero climbs Mt. Everest, he plans on tackling Mt. Vincent in Antarctica. This means he will have climbed the highest peaks on each continent. Jordan also plans on climbing the highest peaks in each of the 50 states. When does the 13 year old mountain climber find time for baseball?