A new term to describe China’s gender imbalance is making its way into our lexicon. The Chinese government’s one child policy and subsequent preference for baby boys has slowly progressed into a Chinese gendercide; the systematic abortion of baby girls in a society that shuns women for a myriad of reasons.

In China, rough estimates put the surplus of males by 2020 at 30 million. That’s 30 million more men than women of marrying age. China’s gender imbalance started in 1979 when the communist government decided to institute a draconian population control policy by limiting families to one child. In some instances, a family was allowed a second child if their first was a dreaded female.

Most of the allowable second child families were rural families. Some in the urban areas likely opted to abort female children rather than be saddled with the “disgrace” of having their one child be a girl. Not only are abortions of female children contributing to China’s gendercide but the horrible practice of female infanticide; basically the murder of an infant that has the misfortune of being born the wrong gender.

Some studies show that China’s gender imbalance is currently around 130 boys per 100 girls. This, some say, could lead to forced prostitution and human trafficking. Girls are kidnapped to be presented as brides while males are kidnapped so families who don’t have one will have a family heir. Within the next 10-30 years, China’s population could reach 1.6 billion people with a female deficit of 50 million, increasing the likelihood that such travesties will continue.

Exactly why boys are preferred over girls is about as clear as mud. It’s essentially an ancient and archaic mindset that the society in China and other countries have adopted. Read more about this chilling phenomenon here; but understand, these countries partake in these practices at their own peril. China’s gendercide has led to their gender imbalance that just may weaken the country irreversibly.