We often hear about the loony right wing interest groups and how they drive moderate Republicans out of office. It’s pretty much a mantra on some news channels, magazines, or newspapers. Well, consider this; Bart Stupak ‘leaked’ that one of the reasons he was leaving was because of the incessant, dodgy campaign being waged against him because of his pro-life efforts by Emily’s List, NOW, and a series of other like-minded organizations.

From 1995 until 2007, these groups waddled in the wilderness bemoaning the dangers of a Republican congress. They never uttered a disparaging word about their male hero, BJ Clinton, primarily because of his equally obnoxious wife. Then, as soon as they get their wish and Democrats achieve the majority, they decided to purify it. They refuse to support virtually all male Democrats, unless they are unable to find another like-minded woman to run against him…and luckily for them, wherever there is a college, there are bound to be women under the influence of Geritol who have been isolated in the ivory tower.

Consider which women believe that pro-choice is the number one issue. Sure there are some still left, unfortunately for the Democrats, few are under the age of 55. The reason for this may well be that for everyone younger, abortion has always been there. Who do these single issue voters find repugnant? Well, Republicans, yeah, but more than that they hate male Catholics who actually believe what the Catholic faith states. It matters not to them that people like Stupak were economically liberal. Who cares what he thought about making poor and middle class people’s (especially women’s) lives a little better? When you’ve been ‘oppressed’ by men all of your life, this is your chance to get even.

And these groups have no awareness of what average people actually care about. Remember the late lamented campaign of Martha Coakley. She ran in the Mass primary against a number of liberal men, and won, with the full-throated support of these single issue voters. She quipped (I assume she was fed the line) that people should support her instead of Scott Brown since Giuliani was a Yankee fan. When the interviewer said that Curt Schilling was supporting Brown, she replied, ‘Yeah, another Yankee.’ My guess is the only time she paid any attention to Fenway Park was when it caused traffic jams for her on her drive home. I read a number of liberal blogs at the time, which pretty unanimously agreed that nobody would ever choose a senator based on such a triviality. Nice analysis. But I digress.

What is to become of the Democratic majority? Well, one of the few demographic groups that deviate from election to election is Catholics. When you say to 10-15% of the voters (Catholic men) that we don’t want your kind representing the party, what is the likelihood that they’ll stay uncommitted?