Governor Chris Christie isn’t making friends in the Garden State. But that’s what happens when you start taking the ability for democrats to spend other people’s money away. A New Jersey teacher’s union death threat joke email was circulated by the Bergen County union to its members.

US Attorney Chris Christie

The head of the union, Joseph Coppola, sent an email saying that his favorite singer, actress, actor, and salesman had all been taken by the Lord this year. He then said in the form of a joking prayer, “I just wanted to let you know that Chris Christie is my favorite governor.”

Since campaigning on a promise to close a $2.2 billion dollar budget shortfall and following through on that promise by cutting programs, the list of those that dislike the Governor is growing. But it’s not a militia, mob, or an unruly tea party that’s talking nasty about Governor Christie. The New Jersey Teacher’s union has it in for the big guy.

Coppola immediately apologized to Governor Christie when some of the teacher’s union members didn’t find the humor in wishing someone dead. Despite their disagreement with Christie’s decision to make drastic cuts in Education funding, some don’t find the New Jersey teacher’s union death threat the least bit humorous.

Christie took the email in stride, but criticized the union’s tactics of sending out a joking prayer asking the Lord to take him out. The New Jersey teacher’s union death threat email symbolizes exactly what is wrong with our public discourse. Christie was elected to fix a broken state. He intends to do just that. Surely reasonable teachers all over New Jersey can understand the dire financial situation the state finds itself in. Once again the specter of unions and the stranglehold that politics has on them rears its ugly head.