With major Tea party rallies planned for April 15th all across America, a new Progressive group is preparing to disrupt the movement. Crash The Tea Party has set up a website and the word is spreading. This bunch intends to infiltrate Tea Party groups and mingle in, only to deliberately sabotage the movement by doing everything the Progressive Media claims is happening. Racist slurs, outlandish signs and probably violence as well.

Who’s behind it? Take your pick. SEIU, ACORN (what’s left of it), George Soros, and the rest of the crazies. Apparently other groups like the Coffee Party are getting nowhere. Just the usual dozen or so people who trade recordings from the now defunct Air America at their local Starbucks.

The Tea Party movement has enough trouble of their own. Many people and groups are trying to steal the movement for the Republicans. Others, like Mike Huckabee, are doing their best to prevent the Tea Party from becoming a third political party. Several polls in recent months have shown that such a party might succeed in derailing both major parties.

We have seen since last summer’s series of town halls where organized efforts were launched by various unions and groups affiliated with the Democrat Party to oppose those who opposed the health care reform bill. Now that it is law, the Far Left Progressives have set their sights on the Tea Party as the November elections draw closer.

This new bunch who want to crash the Tea Party may just be a smoke screen. My advice is for the Tea Party to just stick to their convictions and keep doing what they’re doing. They are obliviously causing a stir in the incumbent universe!