Bovine gas may not be so bad after all; at least not when it comes to global warming. Cows have been getting a bad rap for a while now, and it’s about time someone came to their aid. Environmentalists have been teaming up with vegans for years telling us that eating meat was a double whammy; not only was it bad to consume meat it was bad for the environment to raise cattle because of cow flatulence. A new study says that cows may actually cut down on nitrous oxide; forget about that methane problem.

Friesian Holstein

The report initially gives preference to cows that graze in countries like China, but it does say that under certain circumstances grazing in other countries may help to curb the production of nitrous oxide.

A German scientist with a name to long for me to type conducted the study in Inner Mongolia. He found that nitrous oxide was more prevalent after the spring thaw when cows had not been grazing. The good doctor conceded that grazing cattle and sheep did not increase the amount of greenhouse gases produced. Most likely he’ll now be ostracized for his newfound global warming cow study.

The global warming business as a whole has taken a major hit this year. More people than not refuse to believe that man causes global warming, we had the climategate scandal, people are just sick of Al Gore in general, and now comes bovine gas gate. Global warming, cows, gas created and consumed by cows, eating meat; I think more study is needed. Where can I get one of those jobs?