He has that look in his eyes. This could get bad. And other random thoughts (I know you have missed this) of the day.

I always thought that Israel would be provocated into attacking Iran. I will be proven wrong if the Iranians are stupid enough to continue holding the soldiers captive. Tony Blair is not Jimmy Carter. He is a old fashioned liberal in the same vein as Truman, JFK and Scoop Jackson. That means he is more than willing to kick some ass. If the mullahs know what is good for them, the soldiers will be returned quickly.

Rosie O’Donnell is a fat, disgusting, putrid pig that makes me feel ashamed that I share human DNA with her. I don’t watch The View, I work for a living. However, I would suggest that anyone who watches The View stop. If anyone has any information on the companies who advertise on The View, please post it here. I really want to start some type of boycott of the advertisers. If we stop buying their products, the companies will stop paying ABC and ABC will be forced to can the idiot.

Keep in mind, this is coming from someone who can be fairly labeled as a social liberal. I get irritated when people think that I would agree with everything that this idiot has to say because we happen to agree on an issue like gay marriage. I disagree with her 99% of the time.

Anyone who marries Rosie, man or woman, is a total idiot who needs to have their brain scanned for possible damage. That could be the only explanation as to why someone would willingly be with this pond scum. Ah! I feel better now.

Moving on, the conservatives are all jazzed up with the possibility of Fred Thompson running. I hate to break the news but he may turn out to be the 1976 version of Ronald Reagan. I like Thompson, even though I disagree with him on some issues. Hey, I don’t agree with anyone on every issue. I think Thompson is handicapped by the fact that the general public believes that George W. Bush is far to the right. That is not a correct view. However the msm have perpetrated the fraudulent notion that Bush is a right wing nut, and many people have bought into it. Thompson will be portrayed as another George W. Bush, which again will be unfair. It is not his time. Maybe in 2012 but definitely not 2008.

I finally caved in and watched the CBS Evening News with Walter, uh I mean Katie Couric. It was actually worse than what I had anticipated. Couric looks extremely uncomfortable on camera as a news reader. I thought her interview with the Edwards family on 60 Minutes was good though. She asked tough questions, but they were the questions that were on the minds of many people.

Greg Odem is a great player who reminds me of Bill Russell as a player. Does anyone else find it strange that a kid who is supposed to be 19 actually looks as old as Bill Russell? The Bill Russell of today.

Tiger Woods is the man. Someone needs to step up, show a little guts and really compete with him. As it stands now the PGA tour is really just the Tiger tour. Does anyone watch when Tiger isn’t playing?

An election for mayor of the city of Philadelphia is coming up very soon. What is the over/under on the number of indictments that this election will produce?

Good luck to Tony Snow in his fight against Cancer. He is easily the best spokesman the White House has ever had, at least in my memory.

Whatever happened to McCormick from Hardcastle and McCormick?