They need a job. So they get one for their nose. Or maybe their chin. Or an eyelid?

The unemployed in Chicago are turning to plastic surgery, a boost for their appearance and a drain to their pockets. The local CBS affiliate reported that the plastic surgery businesses isn’t hurting in the down economy. In fact, they’re fabulous.

In his 10 years as facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Steven Dayan has had no shortage of patients in his downtown Chicago office. But these days, Dr. Dayan says more and more are looking for an edge in the challenging job market.

Or a lift. Or a nip. Or a tuck.

“A good 10 to 15 percent of my patients who come in now are requesting treatments in order to make them do better in the workplace,” said Dr. Dayan.

At $300 to $10,000 per treatment, depending on what it is, it’s also a great investment for people without a job, i.e. people not making money. Or, in situations where you feel you may soon lose employment, thus your paycheck, going into debt for a perkier pout makes solid economic sense. It’s about image. So it’s worth it.

A sports car would really beef up that image, too. Or designer clothes to go with that new nose.

“What they don’t recognize is that undergoing these treatments improves their self esteem so much, so that in itself may be one of the reasons why they’re doing better,” said Dr. Dayan.

Forget inner-beauty. It’s all about what you look like. And until that wrinkle in your forehead is no longer as noticeable, you’ll fell like crap and no one will hire you.

With a 9.7% unemployment rate for three months in a row, Obama should be compiling a new stimulus projects to cover plastic surgery for the unemployed. Forget Cash for Clunkers or Dollars for Dishwashers, it’s time for Money for Mugs.