Looking for a new, cool beverage to serve this summer at your BBQ? Here’s a recent cocktail you may find tasty. It’s called the Jackson County Sewer Kamikaze. Take one EPA report about a river polluted by sewage run-off, add 64 species of endangered wildlife, add one cup of corrupt county and other local political officials, one cup of corrupt local unions and construction contractors, one cup of corrupt Wall Street bankers, and one massively expensive sewer project, shake or stir well until all are evenly mixed (or guilty) and serve (5-10 years in prison).

Rolling Stone Magazine’s ace investigator, Matt Taibbi, has a terrific article on the sewer scandal in Jackson County, AL. Some 21 public officials, including Birmingham mayor, Larry Langford, have been indicted. Langford was just sentenced to 5 years in a Federal prison for his part in, yet another, case of public corruption, fueled by the private corruption on Wall Street. We’ve seen this before, Detroit, Chicago, Newark, as well as in states like IL, CA, NY, and even nations like Greece and, umm, the U.S.A.?

As we are seeing across America, and the world, the Wall Street gang of Looters is very busy stealing all they can, thanks to corrupt politicians aiding and abetting. The losers are the citizens who must work harder to pay the piper. What is left after the Looters loot are shells of cities and communities. As the financial chaos continues to roll along, we’re starting to see whole states, and nations, become empty shells of their former selves.

This past Easter Sunday, President Obama took a few moments of his busy day to snipe at those who call him a “Socialist”. Actually, his particular brand of Socialism is known as Fascism. A cooperative, corrupt network of Big Business, Big Government and Big Labor. Obama’s idea of ‘redistribution of wealth’ isn’t to redistribute it from the ultra rich to the poor and needy. It’s actually is to grab all you can from the lower, middle and merchant classes to hand it over to the oligarchs of the Financial Class. Not exactly Karl Marx, is it?

The problem is that eventually, the Looted will be all tapped out. We are already seeing what the pecking order will be once the ordinary people are broke. Big Labor will be the next to be sold out, as we are seeing in Los Angeles and the state of New York. Given that their pension funds are mostly at risk now, it won’t be long till all public and ‘private’ unions get tossed under the bus. Then it will be Big Government’s turn will come shortly after, as they are already deeply in debt. That will leave us with only Big Business left, which will keel over like a one-legged horse. What will be left? Take your pick: “Rollerball”, “Mad Max” or “Zardoz”? Personally, I think “Zardoz” is the more likely outcome in the long-run.