In the wake of an embarrassing $2,000 dollar expenditure scandal in which RNC donors were treated to a Hollywood sex club, the RNC chief of staff resigned today. Ken McKay was Michael Steele’s highest ranking aide and this was another attempt to assure the public that the RNC was taking care of business. But I’m not so sure.

The staffer who had authorized the expenditure at the sex club has already been fired, and there are those who continue to call for the scalp of RNC Chairman Michael Steele. Ken McKay is the next best thing I suppose.

As the RNC chief of staff resigns, he will be replaced by deputy chief of staff Mike Leavitt the man who ran Michael Steele’s unsuccessful bid for Senate in 2006. Party officials and Steele himself have done a fairly decent job of distancing Steele from the sex club scandal. Steele was not at the club nor was he aware of the $2,000 expenditure.

The timing of Ken McKay’s resignation is suspect however. Michael Steele appeared on Good Morning America and made one of the most outlandish statements to date. He said that he, like Obama, “had a slimmer margin for error” because of his race. I have no doubt that the pressure to have Steele resign has ramped up since that buffoonish remark.

And now, despite the fact that the staffer who was responsible has been terminated and the RNC is taking full responsibility for the expenditure debacle, the RNC chief of Staff resigns? Ken McKay it seems is little more than a fall guy for Michael Steele. For a while we watched in amazement at the implosion of the democratic party, it now appears that the RNC plans on joining them.