What if anything should be done to commemorate the 100th birthday of President Ronald Reagan? $50 dollar bill retrofit sounds good. Rep. Patrick McHenry from North Carolina has proposed legislation that would remove Ulysses S. Grant and replace him with Ronald Reagan.


There are of course a few obstacles in the way of such legislation making it through and being signed into law. One problem facing McHenry’s bill is an Ohio state delegation who aren’t very happy about the prospect of having their native son and fairly popular President in his own right, Ulysses S. Grant removed from the $50.

Ohio state lawmakers have drafted a bi-partisan resolution opposing McHenry’s legislation that would put the face of Ronald Reagan on the $50 dollar bill. Lawmakers in Ohio don’t dispute that Reagan was a great president and worthy of being honored, but just not at the expense of Grant.

Another problem facing the bill would be getting it through the House Financial Services Committee currently run by Democrats. Let’s face it; Washington is so unbelievably partisan that honoring a President of either party in any way will be a tall task. Reagan though, transcends partisanship on most levels. Most Americans agree that he was indeed a great President.

So if Ronald Reagan’s $50 dollar bill will most likely fall short, how do you honor the man? I for one ascribe to the “go big or go home” philosophy. I think Reagan’s likeness should be with Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt on Mt. Rushmore. But the fight over that would be comparable to healthcare.

How about instead of Ronald Reagan’s $50 dollar bill, we have Reagan’s $10 dollar bill instead? Nobody would really miss Alexander Hamilton would they? We’d like to hear your ideas about ways to commemorate the 100th birthday of Ronald Reagan coming up in February 2011.