Obama threw out the first pitch at Nationals Park for the Washington Nationals opening game against the Philadelphia Phillies. He drew boos and some cheers as he strolled onto the field. Apparently he’s been practicing for this opening pitch, but it still went high, far left and out of control. He wore a Chicago White Sox cap and a Nationals sweatshirt. Fortunately, he didn’t wear mama jeans this year.

You might remember that last year Obama’s first pitch at the 2009 All-Star game was noteworthy because he wore mama jeans and pitched like a girl (in the opinion of many). So the word is that he’s been practicing for this year’s first pitch. Alas, all that practice for naught. He still threw like a girl (in the opinion of many). His pitch went high, far to the left. Many people have made note of the notion that it was out-of-control and far to the left like many of his policies. That’s a matter of opinion I suppose.

Even the President admitted he was ‘disappointed’ in the pitch and said he figured he needed more practice. He said he didn’t play baseball as a youth.

You can see the Obama first pitch at the Washington Nationals game below.

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Before you go read all that, make sure to watch the Obama first pitch video below!

Obama First Pitch, Far Left and Out of Control -Video