Congressman Kevin McCarthy (R-Cal), in charge of recruiting Republicans to run for the House, was interviewed by Chris Wallace on Easter. He stated that the party will be fighting a national campaign as it did in 1994. He regards the primary issues in November to be jobs, liberty, and hope and prosperity. He said voters don’t believe Washington listens to voters.

The interesting premise McCarthy made is that the Republicans will be proposing a Commitment to America. This seems to be using the same model as the 1994 Contract with America. This one, like the 1994 version will be determined by polling. A problem with that one was that the party promised a bunch of stuff that they knew through polling that voters wanted, but politicians didn’t want the same things the constituents did. The House was more than willing to pass a number of bills that they knew would die on the vine in the Senate. It seems as if this is the hurdle the Republicans must clear in order to satisfy voters in November.

He then addressed the Tea Party movement. Wallace asked why they should support Republicans since they are disenchanted with them. McCarthy responded that the Tea Party should coalesce into the Republican Party and support its candidates in order to provide a check and balance on Obama. Regarding the RNC travails, he said that Americans demand accountability from the party. Another in a series of informative interviews by Wallace; I wish Fox used him more.