In the powder keg known as South Africa, Eugene Terreblanche a well known white supremacist was bludgeoned to death on his farm on Saturday. He was the leader of the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging party (AWB) or better known as the Afrikaner Resistance Movement. He was beaten while he slept with pipes and machetes.

As I had previously posted here, racial tensions in South Africa are at very dangerous levels due to the inflammatory language of ANCYL leader Julius Malema. Not to mention the killings of over 3,000 white farmers in the country since the end of apartheid.

The white supremacist Eugene Terreblanche was a huge proponent of apartheid and at times threatened all out war against the government when it decided to end it in the early 1990’s. His AWB party says that their leader’s death will be avenged. President Jacob Zuma denounced the murder of Terreblanche and asked that rhetoric that could incite racial tensions not be used.

The murder of white supremacist Eugene Terreblanche could in my opinion lead to more bloodshed if cooler heads don’t prevail. An already terrible situation with the farmer murders has now been exacerbated with the murder of the leader of a group that has already called for all out war.

Before he was killed, Eugene Terreblanche’s South Africa would have included an independent “Boer State”, a separate state for white farmers in South Africa not subject to the ANC. Eugene Terreblanche’s white supremacist group blames Julius Malema who is responsible for inciting violence against white farmers with racially charged speeches.