When President Obama says there is a lot of “misinformation” about the healthcare bill or anything else he wants implemented he never really points us in a direction that actually proves that there is “misinformation.” A Case in point is Obama’s 17 minute answer on higher taxes and healthcare at Celgard in North Carolina.

A woman named Doris stood and asked the President a fairly simple question. What she received was political speak as to why Obama thinks he’s smarter than the average manufacturer in North Carolina (or anyone else for that matter).

Doris asked the President if it was wise to add more taxes to us with the healthcare package; she added, “We’re overtaxed as it is.” Amen, Doris, amen. In Obama’s 17 minute answer that followed he started with the usual. “Well let’s talk about this, you know, because this is an area where there’s been just a whole lot of misinformation.” Red flag goes up. We’re not going to get a straight answer to Doris’ question.

Within Obama’s 17 minute answer on higher taxes and healthcare it begins like this, first point he makes is our “moral imperative.” We’re a big country and nobody should be without something others have. Point two, “But for the grace of God there go I.” What? Point three, which is a jumbled mess, the way Insurance companies operate. You think you’re covered but you didn’t read the fine print and now you’re sick and they decide to drop you, blah, blah, blah. He probably shouldn’t have used this example since there most likely isn’t anyone (including him) who knows what exactly is contained in 3,000 pages of junk legislation.

Last point (sort of) the cost of healthcare. He said premiums are rising so companies are passing that cost on to you; as if some health insurance guru is sitting around somewhere just deciding with infinite wisdom to raise premium rates. He then asserts that Medicare, Medicaid and SCHIP are out of control because of this, when in actuality it’s the other way around. Then in HIS infinite wisdom he tells us, “If you’re concerned about the deficit what you’re really concerned about is the cost of Medicare, Medicaid, and all the other programs.” What?

As Obama’s 17 minute answer on higher taxes and healthcare continued he began to run around in an even larger circle. He talked about waste and fraud, Wal-Mart, Warren Buffett, the magical $200,000 dollar barrier, a hole in your roof, capital gains, the CBO, and the concept of “fairness.” Now we’re getting close to the answer when he starts talking about “fairness.” Still, at this point I’m sure poor Doris’ eyes have glazed over.

He wasn’t through yet though. He then talked about the Iraq War, Bush tax cuts, Medicare part D, prescription drugs, The deficit before he took office (I’m not making any of this up), he then talked about the $787 billion dollar recovery act, not laying off teachers, cops, and firefighters, investments in clean energy, extending unemployment benefits and wait for it……a decrease in tax revenues. We’re getting there, I think.

Then comes this doozy, he said if he hadn’t done anything with healthcare we’d be a trillion dollars worse off in the long run. For the third time, what? Then he threw in Earmarks for good measure. At the end of Obama’s 17 minute answer on higher taxes and healthcare he actually acknowledged that it was indeed a long answer and he “hoped” that he answered Doris’ question. I think Doris, you, me and everyone else are dumber for having heard it. Oh, and by the way, he didn’t answer the question.