Although it’s a popular theme among those on the right, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s healthcare repeal hopes in total are dampened with President Barack Obama occupying the White House. Anyone with half a brain knows, he’ll never allow legislation that repeals his massive healthcare bill to pass.

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Regardless of whether or not Republicans take back the House, Senate, both or neither in November, Barack Obama will still be the chief executive and his signature is required for any bill to become law.

When speaking about a full healthcare repeal, McConnell said that this legislation has “many moving parts”, with much of it not taking affect until 2014. The prospect of repealing healthcare in total with the man who is the mastermind behind it is slim to none.

The massive healthcare bill signed into law by Barack Obama is his signature piece, nothing he does for the remainder of his presidency (even in a second term) will mean as much personally or politically to him. The Republicans may benefit from the democrats overreaching on a bevy of issues; they’d do well to learn from the democrats mistakes and not overreach on this very important issue. The courts may do some of the heavy lifting for them, we’ll have to wait and see.

McConnell’s healthcare repeal strategy is much more conservative in nature. The Senator feels that parts of the bill may be subject to repeal even without winning a majority in November. The Republicans are sure to gain seats if nothing else and there may be Democrats willing to go along to save their jobs in 2012 if they’re left standing in 2010.