It’s a free gym membership for inmates in Maricopa County jail in Phoenix. Sheriff Joe Arpaio, often called “America’s Toughest Sheriff”, is working hard to help First Lady Michelle Obama with her anti-obesity initiative.

For good cardiovascular health, a lower risk of heart disease, increased blood and oxygen flow, and overall weight loss, Sheriff Joe Arpaio has launched a program called, “Peddle Vision,” where inmates bicycle to create electricity that powers their television.

The tv is there. Now all inmates need to do is power it and they can enjoy hours upon hours of The View. Too bad Lance Armstrong didn’t think of this first. Imagine the sales in workout videos and the benefit to the planet, which of course would be negated when everyone plugged the videos into their electricity-powered entertainment systems.

You can’t win for losing.

But Sheriff Arpaio is doing it. He’s a true humanitarian. He’s not only helping these inmates gain self-confidence and a better self-image while giving them a svelte self, he’s also doing his part for the planet. Ed Begley Jr. needs an “I Heart Sheriff Arpaio” t-shirt.

Sheriff Arpaio hasn’t been well received in the media. TIME magazine has called him a “stern law-and-order advocate”, what his constituents have seen as a positive, who “has declared war on illegal immigration”. He’s also on ACLU’s short list of people they really don’t like.

He doesn’t mind. He isn’t shy about enforcing the law, since that’s his job, and his constituents relying on him to keep them safe apparently love him. He’s won all his elections with double digits.

“I will never back off from enforcing the laws of this county. They might as well get used to it. I am in this fight to stay,” he said on his website,

Of course, his actions are completely unfounded, especially in Arizona. They don’t have any illegal immigration issues. Or crime because of it.

A longtime rancher was killed on his Douglas-area property over the weekend, and neighbors worried that his homicide was connected to increasing border-related crime in the area.

Nope. No reason for Sheriff Joe Arpaio to be concerned about the safety of his citizens. No reason at all.