Saudi Arabia could be set to behead Ali Sibat on Friday for charges of witchcraft reports say. Saudi Arabia is ruled by Islamic law which will get you the death penalty if you are a witch, soothsayer, fortune teller or one of those chicks with an 800 number who tells people about their love life.

Sibat’s lawyer argues that since he is not a citizen of Saudi and doesn’t reside there, he should have been extradited back to Lebanon. Ali Sibat made the mistake of making predictions on an Arab TV station “while still in his home in Beirut.” He wasn’t even in the country of Saudi Arabia. He was nabbed by Saudi authorities when he made a religious pilgrimage to the city of Medina in 2008.

Human Rights Watch has become involved in the matter by pleading with the Saudi government to overturn the death sentence of Sibat and discontinue the use of the “witchcraft” law which is vague at best.

Lebanon will not confirm whether or not Ali Sibat’s beheading will take place this week. The source spoke on the condition of anonymity; not having permission to speak to the press. The idea that one of our so called allies could and would be governed by such archaic laws is truly frightening.

Ali Sibat’s beheading would be a travesty on so many levels; he’s the father of five children with a family that depends on him for their survival, his mother is gravely ill, he wasn’t even in the country of Saudi when he made his “predictions”, and not to mention the fact that executing a human being over something like this is no less than barbaric. Welcome to the brave, new world of Islamic law. You know the old saying about evil and good men doing nothing right?