President Obama’s blackberry prayers have become his new pastor. Compared to Rev. Jeremiah Wright, his previously loved and adored spiritual adviser, the electronic substitute may spew less profanities from the pulpit.

However, the new meme of Obama’s blackberry prayers and his quiet devotions each morning being recycled in the media is not necessary a mark of his Christian devotion, a matter judged by action not simply words. By Obama’s own admission back in January, his daily prayers often include reflections with other faiths.

“My Faith and Neighborhood Initiatives director, Joshua DuBois, he has a devotional that he sends to me on my BlackBerry every day,” Obama said. “That’s how I start my morning. You know, he’s got a passage, Scripture, in some cases quotes from other faiths to reflect on.”

Other faiths‘ could mean Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Confucianism, Shinto, Druidism, whatever. It means other than Christian, but he’s still a “devout Christian”. Just ask the UK DailyMail

The president has repeatedly rejected gossip that he is a Muslim – based largely on the fact that his middle name is Hussein – and emphasised that he is a devout Christian.

To consider Obama a “devout Christian” isn’t impossible. All you have to do it ignore his…

– Trinity United Church of Christ 20-year membership and their worship of the Black Value System over the Holy Bible
– pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright and his vulgarity, perversion, and devotion to the Black Liberation Theology like Louis Farrakhan
– voting record which made him the most liberal Senator – more liberal than Ted Kennedy – in the Senate and included votes to support partial-birth abortion and deny basic care to children who survive abortions
– canceling of the National Day of Prayer
– refusal to join another church, citing worries of spending taxpayer money for security which obviously doesn’t bother him when dining out, golfing, take vacations, having a night on the town with Michelle, and doing pretty much anything else he wants besides attending church.

Then, you can believe it. As long as you ignore his anti-Semetic, anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian stance on foreign policy and his shoddy, disrespectful treatment of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Then sure. You can believe government is compassionate, capitalists are evil, Sean Penn is a swell guy, Che Guevara makes a great t-shirt, and Obama reading email forwards on his blackberry, what is being glorified in the media as Obama’s blackberry prayers, is evidence of Obama being a devout Christian.