I know, I know…another Hollywood post. I’m sorry, really — but I felt this story was particularly important. It’s so darn unusual one can’t help but comment!

In the interest of full disclosure, I admit I had no idea who Neal McDonough is. I simply don’t watch television — like, at all. (No time, not because I’m “better than that” or anything. Zoning out to TV definitely has its merits.) Anyway, apparently this guy’s pretty big: Band of Brothers, Desperate Housewives, etc. But he’s a good Catholic family man; and, as such, refrains from participating in sex scenes — and loses out on millions as a result.

Just imagine if this were par for the course rather than a news headline. Imagine if most folks in Hollywood refused to get naked with all kinds of people. No doubt it would be less enticing for us, the consumers; but I have no doubt that if there were more Neal McDonoughs, there’d be far less divorce in this industry.

Marriage isn’t designed for people to have unlimited access to sex; that’s why it’s called marriage. And it’s one of the reasons few Hollywood couples survive. Duh.