Is a proposed Belgium burqa ban discriminating against Muslims or is it a common sense measure to protect the public? Nearly three quarters of a million Muslims call Belgium home, but Belgium’s parliament has proposed legislation that might make them feel less welcome.

Of course the term burka isn’t specifically mentioned, but there can be no denying a law targeting those who would cover their faces in public. Some say the burqa is a sign of women being treated as less than human, unable to show their faces in public while others argue that it’s simply part of a Muslims religious heritage.

Denis Ducarme, a liberal MP in Belgium, says this law would send a clear message to “Islamic extremists,” indicating the intent of the burqa ban. While others took the more politically correct route by saying it’s simply a measure that will help the public at large be safer.

Here in America, Muslim women and men for that matter, have religious freedoms protected under the Constitution. Any such law here would most likely be stricken as unconstitutional. However, common sense says that having those who would potentially cause harm to others walking around with their faces covered is not exactly a good idea. I’m not speaking specifically about Muslims, but anyone. What if I went into a bank with a bandana wrapped around my face? What would be the first thought to cross someone’s mind?

The Belgium burqa ban law would not be the first time this issue has been debated in Europe. France, Italy and Switzerland (all with a high population of Muslims) have taken up the issue. Belgium’s burqa ban appears as if it may take effect as early as June. Tell us what you think in the comments below.