In the wake of the health-care vote last week, much has been made by the liberal media about a few random threats against Democrat congressmen. Yet precious little attention has been paid to the tea party threats made by liberal activists against their conservative members.

tea party threats

The viciousness of these threats by enraged liberals has caused alarm in conservative circles and raised eyebrows in the law enforcement community. If you believe that individuals are making these so-called “tea party threats” against you, Right Pundits encourages you to contact the local police or FBI.

What follows are examples of the growing problem.

In one example, a left wing extremist issued death threats against Sarah Palin, Eric Cantor, and other tea party supporters using the online social networking site Twitter. You can see the threats made by Twitter user crazypeople2 here.

Another Twitter user by the name of Jason Brown has advocated shooting tea party activists. In particular he is advocating the assassination of former governor Sarah Palin and the murder of “radical TP members.” To our knowledge these outrageous statement have received no media coverage and are not being investigated properly by the FBI.

Earlier the offices of Freedomworks in Washington DC was evacuated because of bomb threats that were considered credible by local DC Metro police. The incident was the most noteworthy of a string of bomb threats against local tea party organizers on the east coast.

Others have noted the hypocrisy of hyperventilating about a few isolated incidents.

I remember vividly a scene from the 2000 election in Florida. While handing chads were being counted there were Republican protesters in business suits pounding on the locked doors. I remember laughing that I had never seen a conservative protester before in my life. That role was historically one filled in admirably by liberals, hippies, potheads, and radicals like Barack Obama’s friend, William Ayers.

There is no doubt that conservatives make for harmless and rather embarrassing protesters. We are, after all, the producers in society who create the jobs and wealth so that others may benefit from our labor. Liberals tax us so that weak performers can get free cheese and health care. Generally we have better things to do than protest.

So it is rather ironic that a few isolated Tea Party threats are getting media attention this week. Just like I shook my head in disbelief about conservative protesters in 2000, the mainstream media has had difficulty coming to grasp with the Tea Party in 2010. Their meme of the week appears to be that conservative activists must all be crazy because they’ve never been seen before.

After watching the video tell us what you think of the tea party threats on the comments, whether they are threats against conservatives or the other way around.