Just when you thought that the lights had gone out on global warming mythology, Earth Hour will set you straight that the party is not over. On Saturday night between 8:30pm and 9:30pm, we are all asked to turn off our lights in a sort of candlelight vigil for global warming doom.

Earth Hour

This is a Right Pundits open talk thread where you are free to discuss this topic or any other. I’m choosing to discuss Earth Hour and the global warming fancy that has been slowly imploding over the past year.

But first just what is this thing called “Earth Hour”?

Four years ago the World Wildlife Fund proposed a turn-off-the-lights day in Australia. The idea went global the next year so since 2008 local governments and citizens who have nothing better to do have participated. You can see the video at the bottom of this news article to learn more.

The official Earth Hour website is gloriously ticking down the hours, minutes, and seconds until the big switch goes off. An interactive map will help your learn what exactly is going dark locally. There you learn precisely what time is Earth Hour, the answer being between 8:30pm and 9:30pm on Saturday, March 27th.

In the United States over 30 states are participating this year meaning many nonessential government buildings will go dark for an hour on Saturday night. In my native California, for example, lights on the Golden Gate bridge will by turned off for an hour thereby disappointing tourists and creating a hazard for resident motorists.

In New York the Empire State Building will go dark with similar consequences for tourists in the Big Apple. Even the famous lights in Las Vegas will go out on the strip. And the list goes on in the United States and throughout the world in England, France, and everywhere else where the global warming movement is still on live support.

The implementation of these measures in states is costing the taxpayers millions of dollars in man-hours. Local governments are paying workers overtime to flip switches on the weekend when they would normally be sitting at home. And they are doing this despite the severe blows cast by legitimate scientists against global warming hype in the last year.

The climate-gate scandal revealed that so-called global warming experts have been methodically exaggerating data and in some cases just making it up. The UN Panel on Climate Change has been using anecdotal evidence from campers to make wild claims about receding glaciers, claims they have improperly attributed to “scientists.” Leaked email messages indicate that a key research organization has been systematically faking data while keeping legitimate data out of peer-reviewed science literature.

Meanwhile global warming realists are armed with data that proves incontrovertibly that temperatures have actually cooled in the past ten years. That might be why you have been feeling a chill the past few winters.

But that won’t stop Earth Hour 2010 from coming and going tomorrow. They are even targeting children. It obviously will not have quite the luster as previous years as many who turn their lights off will entertain new doubts about the mythology as they sit in the dark for 60 minutes.

So dear readers, other than a great opportunity to make conservative babies, what are you doing on Saturday night? Watch the Earth Hour video and comment below.