The Ford Motor Company’s business dealings with Syria and Sudan are apparently old news, but the story is new news to me. I caught a bit about it on the Michael Savage radio show tonight, and decided to look it up for myself.

Ford was questioned by the SEC for business dealings in Syria and the Sudan, both enemies of the United States, enemies to Western culture, and enemies to humanity. They did not disclose those dealings in their annual report to shareholders, something that the Security and Exchange Commission learned from the company’s website and news reports. The SEC exchanged letters with the Ford Motor Company about those operations, which Ford dismissed as “immaterial.”

Immaterial or not, Ford has willingly pursued an immoral path. Whether it is technically legal or not is irrelevant. Both of these countries are on the wrong side of our War on Terror. Both are sworn enemies of Western civilization and YOU. Both harm the interests of the United States and our citizens.

How many U.S. soldiers have died indirectly as a result of Syria’s hidden support for Iraqi insurgents? And for especially Sudan, I am stunned. Sudan is run by a Taliban-style radical Islamist government that has engaged in the systematic killing of Christians for five years. They are actually much worse than the Taliban because the Taliban did not engage in wholesale genocide. The monsters in the Sudan don’t give you the opportunity to convert or die. You just die if you are Christian.

As a fiscal libertarian, I give corporations the benefit of the doubt. There is nothing inherently immoral about multinational corporations, au contraire, they tend to effectively provide goods cheaply for everyone while driving up employment. They are amoral organizations and that’s fine with me.

But in this case, the Ford Motor company is acting immorally. By running business operations in the Sudan, Ford is indirectly supporting genocide financially and aiding the spread of Islamo-fascism throughout the world. Think of Ford as an “enemy combatant”. A pox on Ford.