An anyone who pays one iota of attention to the news knows, the massive spending bill call the healthcare reform bill, was passed in the House of Representatives last night. The wheeling and dealing went on for months and right up until the hour of the actual vote. The vote was taken on a Sunday, late at night. The reasons for the timing of the vote are undoubtedly obvious.

So what happens now? The bill, which even the President said he hadn’t read as of Friday afternoon, was massive and covered a multitude of things that had little, if anything, to do with actually providing health care. The back-room deals, arm-twisting, threats and undiluted slime used to pass this bill will, no doubt, go down in history as one of the most colossal of its kind ever. Perhaps that’s what the democrats mean when they refer to it as an ‘historic bill’.

The democratic leadership was downright giddy in their gleeful arrogance today. Michelle Malkin has a brief run-down of the day they spent patting themselves on the back. Nancy Pelosi said they had passed the bill with no money changing hands. Oh really? My goodness. I suppose we are supposed to take their word on that.

Meanwhile, the health-care reform backlash has already begun and it hasn’t been signed into law yet. At least 11 states are filing lawsuits against Congress as to whether or not this monstrosity of a bill is Constitutional. The States charge against Congress is being lead by Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum. It will be an uphill battle.

The real fall-out will come from The People of the United States of America. As Juan Williams said on Fox News tonight, its not the health-care bill itself that is making people so angry. That is just one aspect of the anger. People are getting more and more angry over the refusal of Congress and the Obama Administration to listen to The People. The People’s rage is building over the enormous increase in government and this government’s intrusive nature.

One can only imagine the levels to which this anger will rise as people start feeling the economic affects of all the kick-backs, pay-backs, pork, favors, bribes, pay-offs and entitlement problems that this bill has imposed on us. As our economy staggers under the weight of it all, the People know exactly who is doing this to our Beloved Country.

The democrats own this. They can’t blame it on previous administrations. They can’t pawn it off as someone elses fault. Many democratic Congressmen were bought and paid for with their own versions of 40 pieces of silver and the American people won’t forget it.

We’ll Remember in November. But I suspect that by November there will be a lot more for us to remember. Fasten your seat-belts, its going to be a VERY bumpy ride.

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