The latest poll results as conducted by Strategic Vision on March 16 -18 and reported today for the state of Pennsylvania.

Rudy – 45%
McCain – 20%
Brownback – 3% – a veritable surge!

I think PA may be one of the 43 states or so that is moving up it’s primary so they can feel important. All kidding aside, this result is phenomenal for Rudy. All of the heat he has been taking for his personal life has had zero effect. I honestly feel that Clinton pretty much took all of those issues off the table.

A new leader for a new time. It is Rudy time. Maybe John McCain can get a cabinet position if and only if he behaves himself.

Now that I have upset pretty much all of the readers of this wonderful blog, I will now make you happy. A “true” conservative as defined by social conservatives will win the Iowa Caucus. The euphoria will be short lived however as Rudy makes a comeback in the primaries that immediately follow.

I apologize for my flipness. My day began 20 hours ago and I am little punch drunk. I am sure that it is noticeable, although most of you probably think that is my normal state.