I am terribly conflicted with John Edward’s continuing his campaign for President while his wife is suffering from incurable cancer. On the one hand, it shows fortitude. 99% of the citizens of this country simply can not afford to drop everything when a tragedy like this occurs in their lives. John Edwards, in my opinion only, has never exhibited any characteristics of a true leader. By staying in the race, many will view him as a leader.

However, he is not a corporate executive, lawyer, doctor, teacher or a blue collar worker. He is running for the most powerful position on earth. The President is ultimately held responsible for the lives of hundreds of millions. Edwards stated that he would be with his wife and drop everything else if necessary. What if he is elected (a long shot to be sure) President and during Edward’s first year his wife takes a drastic turn for the worse? As the President of the United States, you must put the country before everything, even your family. I know that sounds callous but too much is at stake.

In my opinion, John Edwards can not have it both ways. Certainly, this is a difficult decision for him. He needs to be with his wife and make certain that she is as comfortable as possible. The country can not have a President who would be distracted in such a manner. I will pray that Mrs. Edwards improves. My heart breaks just thinking of their 6 and 8 year old children.

On a purely political basis, this will result in a significant bump in his poll numbers at least temporarily. If Edwards stays in the race he must WIN the Iowa caucus or he will be finished. I wonder how Hilliary “Orwell” Clinton will respond. Probably by educating all of us on the various tragedies in her life. She can start by pointing to her husband.