Last night’s exclusive interview of President Obama on “Special Report with Bret Baier” has caused quite the stir amongst the Establishment Media and the ‘blog-a-sphere‘. Terms like, “Contentious”, Combative”, “Defensive”, “Spar”, and “Interrupt-a-thon” were used to describe the interaction between Obama and Baier as Baier posed real questions concerning the Democrat health care reform bill. Many of the more Left-leaning blogs were simply mad at the President merely for appearing on Fox News.

Yesterday, when I wrote my review of the interview for RightPundits, I gave Baier high marks for not allowing Obama to dodge the questions. The President did a poor job of explaining himself and the probability that the House will use the Slaughter Rule to ‘deem and pass’ Obamacare by voting on a completely different piece of legislation. He failed to justify the use of this tactic for such a wide ranging reform that will effect 1/6th of the nation’s economy.

One thing that has become abundantly clear over the past few weeks is that the Democrats are playing a shell game. The issue at hand should be whether the House will vote on and pass the Senate version. At least, that is how it should be if one wanted to follow the U.S. Constitution.

Instead, we have Obama claiming to have his own bill, which nobody voted on in Congress, for the simple reason that it doesn’t exist! Sure, he put out an outline but that outline is different from either the House or Senate bills voted on last year, and has never been submitted to either wing of Congress as an actual piece of legislation.

Then, we have this ‘thing’ being worked on in the House right now. The idea being that the House will come up with a set of fixes for the Senate version and vote only on those fixes. We don’t even know what these fixes are yet, nor how they will effect previous scoring by the Congressional Budget Office as to how much it will cost? Let alone, if the CBO can make a rational estimate if the ‘fixer bill’ will actually save people money in the future when buying health insurance?

Given all of this as a backdrop, is it not reasonable for somebody with the opportunity to question President Obama on these issues to do so aggressively? Especially given the fact that the Administration and the Congressional Democrats are determined to be very aggressive in pushing this monstrosity through by this weekend? Once again, as in the case of the TARP bailouts and the Stimulus package, the rush is on. Instead of taking the time to do the thing right, it is seen that urgency to accomplish something is more important.

The Establishment Media has given Barack Obama a free ride since 2007. They did not properly vet him during the Democratic primaries in 2008. The other networks, along with newspapers and the like, have been playing softball with Obama as they lap-up cocktails at the White House’s Wednesday evening frolics and getting those tingles up their thighs whenever he speaks.

The entire health care reform debate and process has been a disaster from Day One for a very simple reason. Instead of following tried-and-true free market approaches for lowering costs through competition, we are being forced into a government power-grab, complete with mandates that will make anyone who will still be unable to afford the cost a criminal. Where are all those folks furious about the Patriot Act on this? Don’t they realize that a whole lot of people will eventually be jailed simply because they are too poor to buy the government mandated policies?

If I were Bret Baier, I would have asked Obama that question! Baier did do a great job yesterday, but plenty of unknowns were left unasked. America is going to wake up Sunday morning, and find out that we’ve been clipped, dipped and ripped once again by a White House and Congress that simply has not a single clue of what they are doing. The Media’s reaction to Baier and Fox News over the Obama health care interview will be nothing compared to the primal screams we’ll be hearing shortly from the citizens of our country.