My dad always told me it was good to set goals. Donna Simpson of New Jersey would have made him proud. She is trying to become the world’s fattest woman. She currently weighs 600lbs but that’s not enough for the woman who is already considered the world’s fattest mother. She has lofty goals; she’s aiming for a cool 1000 lbs.

The 42 year old is trying her best to reach her goal of world’s fattest woman; a title that anyone would cherish. But she says it’s not as easy as you think. She’s unable to put on the weight as quick as she’d like due to the fact that her young daughter (age 3) keeps her on the move. But despite that, she’s still been able to steadily pack on the pounds since her daughter was born in 2007. To see Donna go here.

Donna Simpson is doing what it takes to reach her goal of 1000 lbs. She eats huge amounts of junk food every week amassing a grocery bill of over $800 dollars per week. To pay for it she runs a website where men can go to watch her eat fast food. A new fetish I never knew existed.

Her husband is all for it. She claims that he’s a “real belly man” and is very supportive of her goal of becoming the world’s fattest woman. That’s another thing about goals; it’s important to have loved ones who support you in your endeavors. I tell you, in our culture of eating healthy, losing weight and trying to be thin, it’s nice to see someone aiming for the opposite end of the spectrum.

Mrs. Simpson is all about goals. She has set a two year timetable to attain her goal of world’s fattest woman. She needs to eat about 12,000 calories a day to make it. I think she’ll do it. Donna Simpson appears to be a woman of great discipline and control. If only that kid of hers would stop making her move so dang much.