If you’re driving through Atlanta in the near future you just might see a billboard that reads “Black Children Are An Endangered Species.” This is directly related to a Georgia abortion bill that would ban abortions based on race, color or sex. It’s called the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act and it prohibits an abortion provider from soliciting or performing abortions based on the child’s race, color or sex.

The Georgia abortion bill was introduced by a Republican representative named Barry Loudermilk and has made its way out of committee…but just barely. It cleared committee by a 7-6 vote and still needs to survive a rules committee before making its way to the Georgia House.

Without going much further, the hypocrisy on both sides of this debate is stunning. African-American groups who would otherwise champion someone defending the right of unborn Black children to live have lined up against this bill; saying that it would cause malpractice costs to increase as well as limit access for women in Black communities to receive healthcare.

On the other side of the Georgia abortion bill, it would punish abortion providers for soliciting or performing abortions that they know are “prompted” by the baby’s gender or race. Much like Federal Hate Crimes law, tell me how exactly do you determine that? If the bill were to become law, abortion providers could receive 10 years in prison and up to a $25,000 dollar fine. The mothers who receive the abortions could not be punished at all. Like I said, hypocrisy.

The director of minority outreach for Georgia Right to Life says that while Blacks only makeup 30% of Georgia’s population, they receive 57% of abortions. That may be, but passing a law that would make it a crime to abort black children and not white children is simply wrong. Loudermilk may be trying to pass a first step measure that would eventually make an abortion ban easier to pass in other states; but singling out abortions that “may” be performed based on race is simply not a genuine act of kindness.

One argument for those who support the Georgia abortion ban bill is that most abortion clinics are located in Black neighborhoods. This argument holds no water. Do they expect us to believe that women who get abortions, regardless of their color, wouldn’t otherwise get them if the clinics were located outside of their neighborhoods?

The argument that the abortion industry, and make no mistake there is one, is targeting minorities is ridiculous. The abortion industry targets women of all colors, ages, shapes, sizes, it simply doesn’t matter. Pro-choice groups are in the business of making sure that all women have access to abortions, period.

Rep. Loudermilk may have good intentions with his Georgia abortion ban bill that would make it illegal to perform abortions based on the baby’s race; but the fact is determining an abortion providers intent will not be easy; and isn’t it still the woman who has the choice? How many “forced” abortions are among the millions performed every year? What an amazing story which no doubt will take the abortion debate to another level.