I have been holding off on this article for a couple of days becasue it is so absurd. But an animal rights group in Germany says that the Berlin zoo should euthanize this polar bear cub that was abandoned by it mother because being raised by humans is “unnatural.”

“Feeding by hand is not species-appropriate but a gross violation of animal-protection laws,” animal-rights activist Frank Albrecht was quoted as saying by the mass-circulation Bild daily, which has featured regular photo spreads tracking fuzzy Knut’s frolicking.

“The zoo must kill the bear.”

They also cite as precidence a Leipzig zoo euthanasia of a baby sloth similarly abandoned. Other animal rights groups in Germany stated that they just cannot condone killing a animal to “save” the species.

“The killing of an animal has nothing to do with animal protection,” said Wolfgang Apel, head of the German Federation for the Protection of Animals.