So which politicians are on the D.C. Madam’s famous phone list?

I’ve cast an eye at the DC Madam story for over a week, so I guess it is time to post it. Normally we try to keep our readers from such sensational details as which politicians are frequenting hookers, so consider this an exception to our lofty standards. Who really cares what Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton do in their spare time? Never mind.

Deborah Jeane Palfrey is accused of running a high-priced call-girl “escort service” in Washington D.C. that lasted for decades. That part seems pretty straight forward. Pimping for hookers is illegal, so off to jail you go. Read the story here.

The thing is she isn’t going so easily. Palfrey has threatened to sell the telephone records (client list) of her horny customers to the highest bidder, which would have netted quite a lot of money from the winning media bidder. Apparently there are over 10,000 records between 1993 and 2006. After the interested media lined up, and the Washington power brokers got exercised about it, a judge ruled that she could not sell the phone records.

End of story? Well no. She couldn’t sell them, but the judge’s order didn’t say anything about giving them away. And apparently that’s what she did as claimed by her lawyer. The telephone records for thousands of Washington DC Johns are in the hot hands of an “unnamed” media organization for “safekeeping”.

Palfrey’s rationale is that the media organization can call her former clients who will document that absolutely no hanky panky took place. She maintains her innocence, and I’m betting that quite a few former clients will vouch for her employees’ chastity, you know, after their wives answer the phone. Clearly men will be lining up in her defense.

This is all a ploy, of course, to get the charges reduced or dropped. In the meantime, I hear that flower shops in DC are selling out of roses for the local wives.

Stay tuned.