DUI arrests tend to bring out the worst in people — or at least the truth. It seems California State Senator Roy Ashburn is gay. The only reason this is news is because Ashburn’s Republican — and has voted against gay rights measures for the past 14 years. Geoff Kors, executive editor of Equality California, says he hopes Ashburn’s revelation will cause him to change his voting patterns. “I hope his own self-awareness will result in him no longer voting to deny people the most basic rights.”

This is the basic assumption regarding gay rights (or any rights) by people on the left: that if you are gay, you must be in favor of gay rights.

In one of my articles for Newsreal, I point out just the opposite. “It may surprise Hollywood to know that many gay people do not need defending. Not all gay people want to be married, and not all gay people think gay marriage should be legal. What does this make them? A traitor to their cause?”

I don’t think so. I don’t know what Mr. Ashburn will do now that the skeleton’s out of the closet, but I do know there’s been nothing of a hypocritical nature with respect to who he is and how he votes. (Now his wife might think he’s a hypocrite, but that’s another subject.) You can absolutely be gay and not support gay rights.

To a lefty, this sounds odd. But that’s only because lefties are ruled by their emotions rather than their intellect.