Apparently Bill Clinton has been having way too much fun since leaving office. A tell all book reveals that Clinton has been, shall we say, sampling the local cuisine at every stop on his lecture tour.

The book by R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr. is called “The Clinton Crack-Up.” So in honor of Bill Clinton’s peccadilloes, we’re dusting off our favorite Bill Clinton sex tape, a video that we haven’t shown in at least six days.

Bill Clinton Sex Tape Video Game

“During Clinton’s retirement there have been other ladies, though most, according to my sources, have been one-night stands with hostesses on Clinton’s speaking tours,�? Tyrrell writes. “Some of these girl-hops, sources report, took place in Ireland, France, Australia, Taiwan, Rio, and London.�? Tyrrell also claims Bill took to jet-setting in order to offset depression and a difficult domestic living situation with Hillary. (“The tirades and flying objects directed by her at Bill’s defenseless skull are not fictions invented by Clinton-haters. … There would be more spousal abuse during Clinton’s retirement when his amours threatened Hillary’s political longevity.�?)

What would Hillary Clinton think?

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