The President has chickens on his mind. Prairie chickens, to be exact.

They aren’t being targeted by KFC. They aren’t even on the endangered species list – a mammoth concoction of animals who have garnered more governmental favor than humans.

No, these prairie chickens of great importance and national magnitude roam on one of 14 properties from Montana to New Mexico that Obama could nab through presidential proclamation, a move that would cordon off the lands from being used to create jobs – through ranching, forestry, minding and energy development – and instead erect useless monuments or give tree-huggers a place to write their poetry.

The 21-page document, marked “Internal Draft-NOT FOR RELEASE,” names 14 different lands Mr. Obama could completely close for development by unilaterally designating them as “monuments” under the 1906 Antiquities Act.

Rep. Robert Bishop (R-Utah) thought maybe that memo should go public after all, especially since these presidential lands grabs are done without the state’s consent.

Clinton and Carter were grab happy – Carter for land, Clinton for land…and other things. According to a Washington Times article by Sen. Jim Demit, Carter snagged 50 million acres in Alaska, despite strong opposition from the state, and Clinton snatched 5.9 million acres across the country creating 19 new national monuments.

But Obama has big plans for his 10 million acres. He’s going to save the prairie chickens in New Mexico, a “center of climate change scientific research” in Nevada, and an oil-rich plot of land in Colorado because it’s under the threat of being developed for actual usage.

That simply can’t happen. That could create jobs and drive down the price of energy, an achievement Obama works feverishly to stop from happening.

Demint sponsored an amendment to protect the 14 lands listed in the memo from Presidential pilfering. But the Democrats shut it down with a 58-38 vote.

Instead of using land to create jobs, Democrats prefer to simply extend unemployment benefits that means more money from those of us left in the work force fighting to survive. Bravo, Congressmen. Bravo.

As American families wither away under the economic slavery of this current administration, at least we can rest at night knowing the chicken lives on.


Sen. Jim DeMint explains why he favors people over chickens. Then he calls for a vote.

Result: Congress loves their chickens.