An atheist student group in Texas has figured out a way to get that awful Bible out of your hands. The group “Atheist Agenda” is having their annual Bible for porn swap on the campus of the University of Texas at San Antonio. Yes you heard me right, you can take your religious book of choice down to the campus at UTSA and swap it for porn; if you’re 18 that is.

The group calls it “smut for smut”, they say that the Holy Bible, the Quran, the Book of Mormon, or whatever is nothing more than pornographic themselves. They’re allowing you to bring in your piece of trash religious text for some good old, down home porn.

Of course Atheist Agenda’s Bible for porn swap stoked the flames of intolerance and ignorance with an in your face approach to atheism. I’m all for letting people believe (or not believe) whatever they want, but is it really necessary to be controversial about it? Why porn? On a college campus they may as well be giving out cash.

Even Allahpundit at Hot Air had to question the intelligence behind this display. Makes you wonder if the kids in the group Atheist Agenda are more about shock value and less about the principles of atheism? If they were true proponents of atheism (or anything for that matter) would they need a gimmick like a Bible for porn swap to bring attention to their cause?

I’m not going to bestow the values of Christianity upon you in this setting; never have. I’m a believer and you can take that for what it’s worth. I’m also someone who feels God gave us the right and the choice to believe or not. Atheists are no more or no less absent of that right. But these students belonging to Atheist Agenda appear to have a different agenda with their Bible for porn swap. It appears to be more about the degradation of other people’s beliefs than it is about propagating their own.

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