Just when we think all has already been discovered, a new “clouded leopard” is found living amongst us in Borneo.

This is really an amazing find. New species are discovered all the time, but they are usually tiny organisms found in deep sea expeditions or dug from the earth in remote places. But a leopard? Cool, man.

Video and facts about the Clouded Leopard are below:

Here is a video of this little cutie:

Island “Clouded Leopard” Video

-With a body that measures just over a foot, the clouded leopard is the smallest of the ‘big cats’.

-It is also the best tree-climber, with flexible ankle joints and keen claws allowing it to run down tree trunks head first. It can run along the underside of branches and hang by the back feet alone – freeing up their front paws to snatch at prey.

-Its two-inch canine teeth are the longest of any living feline and lead to comparisons with the long-extinct sabre-tooth tiger.

-Its jaws can open wider than those of any other cat and the fangs are as big as a tiger’s, even although tigers are ten times bigger.

-They often ambush their prey from the treetops, landing on the taget’s back before delivering one fatal bite.