(Khalid Sheikh Mohammed looks more like a guy the police just dragged out of house trailer on COPS than a hard ass terrorist. Maybe that is why I have such a hard time accepting his claim that he is responsible for dreaming up at least 31 sophisticated terrorist plots.)

Both the MSM and the blogosphere are abuzz tonight with stories and opinion pieces about the information revealed during Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s Guantanamo tribunal, particularly Mohammeds’s claim to be the mastermind behind some 31 terrorist plots against various targets around the globe. The transcripts are available HERE in PDF form.

Of course there is also a lot of debate concerning the validity of Mohammed’s claims, and whether or not a single person would have the expertise needed, let alone the time, to have been OBL’s point man for so many schemes, on so many different fronts. After all, if all of Mohammed’s statements are indeed factual, he will go down in history as the busiest Jihadist the world has ever seen. While part of me is willing to accept Mohammed’s version of the truth, there is a little voice that lives in the back of my mind that says something about this sounds fishy.

The hard thing for me to wrap my mind around is how Khalid Sheikh Mohammed seemed to go out of his way to make sure condemning evidence against him was entered into the tribunal’s official record instead of attempting to mount some type of defense. The CIA, and other government agencies have spent a ton-O-cash figuring out ways to loosen the lips of these hard boiled terrorists, but this guy, a terrorist leader, casually tells about all his evil misdoings, and in a courtroom of all places. That just strikes me as odd.

Personally, I think that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has just committed his last act in his Jihad by way of a feeding the tribunal a little misinformation, in the hopes that the feds will close this chapter in the War on Terror, thereby allowing a new group of terrorists to pick up where he left off.