Last week, Ann Coulter was deservedly harpooned for calling John Edwards a “faggot”. But as any 6th grader knows, the word is used figuratively on the playground to suggest a male with girly qualities. It is a common pejorative which is most often not a direct rip on a boy’s sexual preference.

This week, Obama uses subtleties to imply the same thing. He called Edwards “kinda cute” and “kind of good-looking” in two separate appearances in Iowa. Once can be considered an interesting slip. Twice is an orchestrated message.

The clear message from Obama is that John Edwards is a sissy — that on the political playground, Edwards is the quintessential playground “faggot”.

I’ve written here and here about why John Edwards has any standing in political circles. The naked truth is that John Edwards is a complete lightweight, only standing on the national stage because of his pretty-boy looks.

Rightly or wrongly, I believe that Obama’s message has resonance although it is a rather surpirising message for a presidential candidate to present.

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