Given some of the idiotic comments and actions coming from the democratic party recently, one has to wonder if March Madness has literally infected their party with the result being insanity! And other random thoughts of the day.

So Newt Gingrich was having an affair during the Clinton impeachment trial. Why is Newt’s personal life such a mess? When you listen to him talk in an extended forum, it is very difficult to disagree with his ideas and vision for America. What a shame.

Speaking of March Madness, has everyone handed in their pools? I actually watched one of the best NBA games that I have ever seen last night. The Mavs verus the Suns. It was a classic. This coming from someone who is not even a big fan of the NBA.

The Dems in congress are being discouraged from appearing on The Colbert Report? What is wrong with that party?

We are supposed to receive several inches of SNOW tomorrow on the east coast. Message to Al Gore – let’s stick to global warming. I don’t like snow in March. I know, I know, when it is warm it is because of global warming and when it is cold that is also because of global warming. It all makes perfect sense to me.

Howard Dean is reaching out to foreign countries to repair our relationships in anticipation of a Democratic win in 2008. That sound you just heard was Obama and Hilliary throwing up at the mention of that “good” news.

Good luck with your pools.