Here’s your chance to once again qualify for the coveted Punditeer award as we approach our one-millionth visitor!

That’s 1,000,000 folks!

We have had growing pains: slow servers, a tiff with the company that provides the counts (despite my initial postings to the contrary, they really did make up and make good – I like companies that work with their customers), writer’s block, and keeping up with all the posts.

But – we are now on our own server, things are perking along and we are now ready to accept guestamates on when we will reach the 1,000,000th visit!

I predict it to be March 15th at 10:30 pm EDT.

At 10:00 am EDT we have:

953,409 unique visitors since November 21, 2006

Update: Looks like we hit 1,000,000 sometime around 4pm PST pm Sunday!