My pick for the Friday game between Villanova and Kentucky? I’ll take the Wildcats. Anyone want to pick the other team? And other random thoughts of the day.

Nice war plan from the Democrats. The only thing worse than Bush’s plan so far in Iraq is the hillarious attempts at a coherent plan from the “leaders” in the Democratic party. Check out the video that Dave Wissing has posted on The Hedgehog Report of the the Dems attempt to communicate their plan. You know it is bad when a liberal news reader from CNN like John Roberts actually laughs on the air.

My goodness, is Barack Obama taking some body blows. The new headline is that some his ancestors (we can assume of the caucasion persuassion) may have owned slaves. The Clinton machine is in full force. I know my esteemed fellow commentator, MBT disagrees with me on this stance, but Obama needs to show that he can fight back. Politics is a contact sport and the Clinton’s take no prisoners.

Speaking of the machine, the Clinton’s are now readying their proxies to take on Al Gore. This is a tricky issue for the machine. They really can’t dig too far into his past because their past is highly connected to Gore’s and that can only lead to negatives for the machine. The strategy is to go after his stance on global warming which gained prominence after his years as Vice-President. The irony is that I agree that the global warming issue is bunk. However, unlike the machine I believe that it is largely an invention of elements in society that wish to see the economic influence of United States decrease. The machines intentions are purely political and The New York Times is just the latest tool to be manipulated in their unending quest for power.

4 years of Bush 41, 8 years of Bill Clinton, 8 years of Bush 43 and if the machine prevails another 8 years of Hilliary Clinton. Gosh, do you notice any trend developing? Is Russia really the country being run by an oligarchy or should we look in the mirror?

I need a cure for burn out. I’ll listen to any ideas.

Philly sport alert – could the offseason go any worse for the Eagles?

Another day, another poll showing Rudy Giuliani with a huge lead in a key state. I know, I know, so and so (insert favorite conservative name here) is going to run and things will then be very different.

Why all the Judge shows on TV?

Whatever happened to Judge Wapner?