You won’t find the information in a headline because she isn’t a conservative. Amy Bishop, the University of Alabama shooter, is a major Obama lover. I’d call her a “supporter” but that validates what is basically an infatuation between The One and his mindless supporters, as well as The One and himself.

The news was reported by the Boston Herald in the third to last paragraph in the story.

A family source said Bishop, a mother of four children – the youngest a third-grade boy – was a far-left political extremist who was “obsessed” with President Obama to the point of being off-putting.

What I find more fascinating than her politics is the way the media has been completely silent, minus the one paragraph mention at the end of the article, about Bishop and her “off-putting” Obama love.

Should her views matter? Probably not. Once you have killed innocent people, I don’t care about your reasoning or your musings or your political beliefs. I know all I need to know about you – that, when given the choice, you choose evil. You hate. And that transcends all rational thought.

However, setting that aside, it’s hard to deny the media’s love of blaming conservatives, talk radio, and Christians for any act of violence, discrimination, or hatred within the English speaking world. And if at some point they can prove Bishop ever willingly watched Fox News, they’ll be boycotting Beck again.

This road, however, isn’t a two-way street. Reporting truth is only the bias media’s priority when it fits their narrative. And forget reporting. Bending truth is so much easier. Okay, forget bending. Let’s call it “rewriting”.

For example, James von Brunn, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum shooter, an old guy with an ugly mug.

The liberal media attached him to conservatives and Christians all on the basis that the man was a white supremacist. (Which, by saying that, means they’re also saying only whites can be Christian. Anyone pick up on that?) Not taking into account the fact Christians and conservatives absolutely deplore white supremacists. The very core of conservative values is equality for all, whether black or white or male or female or gay or straight or free thinker or drone.

The only way to obtain that equality is by individualism and not pandering to minorities or special interest groups. What the liberals call “fair” treatment, is really treating one person better than another based on their race or gender or political views. Please explain how that isn’t the definition of “racism” and “bigotry”.

Conservatives believe in giving each American the same opportunities to fail or succeed based on their individual work ethic, passion, ability, integrity and applauding that success.

Also, on the white supremacist narrative, let’s not forget the liberals have reelected Democrat Robert Byrd to office, despite his previous membership in the Ku Klux Klan, since 1959.

During the von Brunn incident, the liberal media didn’t want to report the fact the man was a hater, period. He hated everyone, including Christians, both Bush presidents, big corporations, and had even apparently planned a second shooting at the conservative Weekly Standard offices. He was also a socialist, loved Adolph Hitler, and was anti-Semitic.

Another favorite liberal tool is Scott Roeder, the man who shot and killed late-term abortionist Dr. George Tiller last May. He is also touted as a pro-lifer gone mad. Except the man had no connections to the pro-life movement. He wasn’t pro-life, obvious by the fact he killed a man.

Darn if logic doesn’t stick in their crawl.

What the media forgets, while harping on pro-lifers and trying to connect them to an insane madman who dreamed of killing Tiller for ten years in all various ways, is the killing of Jim Pouillon, a pro-life activist in Michigan. The killer, Harlan James Drake, simply didn’t like Pouillon’s pro-life sign that he held at the side of the road. So he shot the elderly man several times while on his way to perform a second killing.

Where was the media outrage?

From the left to right, we can find examples of the mentally insane and morally corrupt taking it upon themselves to commit heinous crimes in the name of ideology. That happens. And it won’t stop.

You can count on the media, however, to always land on one side of the issue – against conservatives. It’s the no news in news.