On Friday, in the Kenyan Indian Coast village of Kikambala, two homosexual men were planning to get married, but their festivities were broken up by Kenyan police. In the nation of Kenya, homosexuality is illegal. Several folks were arrested and will soon face the court for this violation and for being involved.

George Matundura, a senior police commander, said:

“These are homosexuals who wanted to do a wedding and as you know, the Kenyan constitution says … a man is not allowed to marry another man. It is an offense, an unnatural offense, and also their behavior is repugnant to the morality of the people.”

It would appear that Kenya is not as tolerant as some of the States in America, to the point that they consider homosexuality a crime, punishable by jail time.

The Kenyan homosexual stance is not the first time that an African nation has spoken out against homosexuality. Recently in Uganda, a lawmaker proposed a bill that would include the death penalty for the crimes of certain homosexual acts. Chiming in, President Obama said this Ugandan bill was “odious”. As of yet, there has been no official response from the White House for this most recent homosexual event in Kenya.