Just like government-run day care can’t replace good old fashioned parenting, so it is with Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” Campaign. Her goal is noble — to get kids to eat right and get more exercise — but kids aren’t going to do it because Nanny Michelle said so. If their parents don’t foster the right kind of environment, it ain’t gonna happen.

Not that there’s anything wrong with trying. I’m all for setting a good example, and there are many ways Michelle Obama can do this. Unfortunately, her answer — money — is as misguided as her husband’s answers to problems. She plans to spend $400 million a year on a “Healthy Food Financing Initiative” and another $10 billion over the next decade to “update” the Child Nutrition Act.

Where the HELL is all this money coming from???? Hello????? Do they think money falls off trees to solve all our woes?

Sorry. I must stick to my point here. We have a serious problem with obesity in this country; no one can deny this. The reason for it, however, is a cultural issue that’s much bigger than what Obama seems to understand — although she herself alluded to the problem in a statement. She said:

“Before coming to the White House, the president and I lived like most families: two working parents — too busy, not enough time, and I found myself unable to cook a good meal for my kids. Going to fast food more than I’d like, ordering pizza, and I started to see the effects on my family, particularly my kids.”

Indeed. The lifestyle of today’s families — more specifically, the decline of the traditional family (oh no, I can hear the leftists coming after me now…) is the root cause for childhood obesity. In the past, moms were home. They cooked, and they disciplined their kids. This included getting kids off the couch, away from the TV, and outside to play. It involved putting a healthy meal on the table every night — which took hours of preparation. Cooking at home requires sifting through a cookbook to plan the meals, going to the grocery store to buy the food, prepping the food, cooking the food, and cleaning up the mess. It’s a two-person job, otherwise the one person will become resentful and give up. That’s how big the job is — and it’s why single mothers and harried working mothers struggle so much.

Childhood obesity is about a loss of time. When we changed the structure of the American family, children’s health suffered. Yes, there are other side factors — fear of letting kids run free, loss of recess at public school — but ultimately, it’s about the abdication of parental responsibility.

Children must be taught how to eat — and how to live a healthy life. The only people who can do this are Mom and Dad.